Tyger (tygerstyle) wrote,

Free Association Post

I need to start running again. I keep telling myself to do so. I get home. I plop on the bed and just lay there. Lazy. It's easier to plan things when you aren't doing those specific tasks. The harder part is actually doing those things. I guess that's why deadline were created. I force myself to do things I don't want to do all the time. It's for my own good. I can't wait to take a vacation. So I rest and just be... lazy. For no reason at all. I feel like I'm always busy in one sense. Other times, I feel like I am not doing enough. Which one is right? Maybe they are both right. It's all subjectivity anyway.

What if I were to write every word that I ever thought? Could it actually be changed around and edited into a published book? No wayyyyy. But I have seen a lot of crap out on those bookshelves. LOL, what would I know about those books anyway? Not like I read them. Haha. On the contrary though, I read lots of news articles, video game blogs, technology blogs, and... I have a bamboo plant at my desk. I always forget to water it. I could just set a recurring alarm on my calendar to water it. Just isn't a high priority for me I guess. I'll just stick with looking every few days until it looks dry.

I think that's good enough for today. Right? :)
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