Joshua Campbell (tygerstyle) wrote,
Joshua Campbell

How to run a 10K


How I did it: After the completion of P90x, my friend convinced me that I should be able to complete the Gate River Run (which is a 15K). As a test, a week before the event, I jogged 5 miles. Completing it, I felt that I could have done at least 2 more miles without stopping. With my new confidence, I decided to enter the 15K.

As I ran the 15K, I focused on keeping a steady pace and not stopping. Anytime I felt like stopping, I focused on something else like jogging to the beat of the music I was listening to. Sometimes I'd trick myself into thinking I'd start walking at the next mile marker. When I'd reach the mark, I felt I could do another and another. I ran a steady 9 miles a minute and completed the entire race in 1:21:16.

Lessons & tips: You should probably have the confidence. If you think you can't do it, you probably won't. I didn't need training, but that was because I had already completed a 90-day workout program. The program helped my endurance dramatically (which was obvious from the 5 mile run). 

Also, you shouldn't feel that you have to run the whole way. Run a bit, walk a bit. You'll complete it.

Resources: P90X. :D

It took me 7 days.

It made me WHOA!

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